Saturday, August 20, 2016

Customize Validation message in Liferay

In the previous tutorial we provide server side validation in liferay.
Today we will customize the error message that is generated by liferay ui tags.So basically we provide our custom css to the error messages. We convert this:-

to this 

So lets start this Step by Step:-

Step 1:-Change the Controller
You can do all steps as in my previous blog Validaion in Liferay.
and just change the Controller as:-

1)Previously our validate method return boolean now validate method return a list which contain the error messages. Here we fetch the values from  file by using ResourceBundle object. 

2)Register method just check the size of Error list. If there is no error than success message is print otherwise set the list in request object and send to jsp.

Step 2:-Change the view
In the view.jsp we simply iterate the list send by controller.


From line 10 to 16 we just Check that if list is not empty than we can iterate the list and provide the red color to error messages.

Step 3:-Check the output

Deploy the portlet and check the output.

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