Saturday, May 7, 2016

Log in/Sign in Liferay with Google Account

In most of the websites you see that their is a option by which you can login with your Google+ credentials. Today we will achieve this Login Functionality with Google in our Liferay. This consists of two Major Steps.

1)Set up Google+  OAuth2 API Access
2)Integrate this App with Liferay.

So lets start step by step:-

A)Set up Google+ OAuth2 API Access

Go to Google Developer Console by clicking here . And login with your Gmail credentials.Now Click on Select a Project and then create new project

Now provide your project name and Click Create.

Now Click Credentials and click on Create Credentials

After that select OAuth ClientId

Now Click on Configure Consent Screen

And Provide Product name this can be anything and Click save

Now again go to credentials-->Create Credentials-->OAuth Client ID .Now you can select Web application and provide the following values:-

1)Authorized JavaScript origins


2)Authorized Redirect URIs


And Click Save.A new window is open with Client ID and Client Secret.

 Copy the both values to notepad.

B)Integrate with Liferay

Go to Market place and download Google Login App by Sergio Gonzalez . You will get a .lpkg file put in deploy folder of tomcat.

After that login your portal with admin and go to control panel--> portal setting-->Authentication. Here you see a new tab google click on that and provide Client ID and Client Secret

Go down the page and click save

Check Output

Logout from Admin and click on Sign In Button you will see a new icon click on Google and provide Gmail Credentials . That's it you are successfully login with Google

Hope this will Help....

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