Friday, November 27, 2015

Java Portlet Specification (JSR 168 vs JSR 286)

Initially portal vendors had their own portlet frameworks but the problem is those portlets are specific to portal Server and cannot be deployed to another server.So their is specification or we can say Standards for portlet development. By using those standards you can write a portlet which can be run on all compliant portlet Containers.

Their  are basically two JSR standard for portals:-

1)Java portlet specification 1.0 ie JSR-168

JSR-168 released in 2003 and give standards for :-

  • Portlet API.
  • Portlet Taglib
  • Portlet Life Cycle
  • Window States
  • View Prefrences

This specification introduced two phases:
  • Render Phase
  • Action Phase

2)Java portlet specification 2.0 ie JSR-286

This specification introduced two extra phases so now we have 4 phases:-

  • Render Phase
  • Action Phase
  • Event Phase for IPC
  • Resource Serving phase for Ajax calls.

Features in JSR-286:-

1)Portlet filter is introduced .
2)Annotation support in Generic portlet.
3)Generate non mark up content like images, pdf using Resource serving phase.
4)Interportlet Communication is easily handled using Events.

Hope this will Help....

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