Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Inter Portlet Communication(IPC) in Liferay

Inter Portlet Communication ie IPC is needed when we have to communicate between two portlets. Some times these portlets are on same page sometimes they may be on different page. 

Example:- We have a drop down in one portlet by which we can select country name and another portlet display the currency, states, national flag, climate on the basis of country selected by first portlet. In this case we have to send value from first portlet to another.

We can achieve IPC by following ways:-

1)IPC using Portlet Session
IPC by Portlet session work for both scenario ie Sender and Receiver portlet are on same page or different page. You can read more in my blog IPC by Portlet Session.

2)IPC using Public Render Parameter
IPC by public render parameter work if both portlet are on same page. But by adding one property in


You can add portlet on different page also.For more detail you can read IPC using Public Render parameter.

3)IPC using Events
Events is introduced in Portlet 2.0  by which you can do IPC in very easily. Here the two portlets are on same page only. For more details you may refer IPC using Events.

4)Client Side IPC
Liferay provide two methods one for Sender( and one for receiver(Liferay.on) by which you can achieve IPC. In this case portlets must be on same page. For More details you may read  Client Side IPC in Liferay.

Hope this will Help....

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