Thursday, June 18, 2015

Permission in Liferay

Today we will discuss Permission in Liferay. Permission in Liferay is a Complex topic itself so today we discuss just basic of permission System. In Liferay we have  :-
  • Users
  • One User can have multiple roles.Ex- Admin,Guest,Owner, PowerUser etc.
  • One Role can have multiple permissions.Ex- View,Add Site,Add Role,Add Users etc.

Permission are combination of Resource and Action.

Resources are of two type:-

1)Portlet Level <portlet-resources>
Portlet level Resource are those by which  User can perform some action with the each portlet window. Ex-

2)Model Level<model-resources>
Model level Resource means User can perform some action with the model object ie at Service layer. At model level resource action can be categorized in two level as:-

  • Top Level Action=> They are not applied to particular model Ex- Addition of employee.
  • Resource Level Action=>They are applied to particular model.Ex- Delete a specific employee.

Liferay provide some default permission like View, Configuration etc in next blog  we create our own Custom Permissions like Add Employee and also create model level Permissions.

Hope this Help....

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