Thursday, January 15, 2015

Liferay Jsp Hook for override login jsp

Today we write a Hook for overriding default Login Page. Here we remove the openID, Create Account and Forgot Password links

Step 1:- Create a Liferay Plugin project and select Hook

Create a liferay plugin project give project name as LoginProject and select hook then finish.

Step 2:- Create a Login hook in the Project

Right click on the project> New >Liferay Hook Configuration>Select Custom Jsp>Next

Click  Add from Liferay
then search for login.jsp  >Ok>Finish

Step 3:- Now Override login.jsp

You can Override the jsp as per your need, we can see that the links come from navigation.jsp which is included in login.jsp so we just comment the included part.

Code Snipplet From login.jsp



<aui:button type="submit" value="sign-in" />



<!-- <liferay-util:include page="/html/portlet/login/navigation.jsp" /> -->


Step 4:- Deploy the Hook and see the output

And Build your build.xml and try to login you see a login page with no links for openID, Create Account and Forgot Password 


In this way you can override default login page provide by liferay when you deploy your hook it create a  ".portal.jsp" file in 
(..\tomcat-7.0.42\webapps\ROOT\html\portlet\login)  .

So we have 2 file :-

when you deploy your hook  "login.portal.jsp" is in use when you undelpoy your hook "login.portal.jsp" is deleted and again login.jsp is in use.

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